Reasons for Clubhouse Remodels
Developments often lose members due to poorly designed clubhouses with underutilized spaces. A well-designed clubhouses can boost sales and prevent homeowners from looking to other neighborhoods with better amenities. Well-designed clubhouses can become valuable revenue-producing centers, providing a space for parties and other community events.

A remodeling project sends a message to membership that the community is interested in growth and development, while creating a measurable return on investment. A new appearance for the clubhouse, can help your development retain it’s homeowners for many years to come.

Signs It’s Time for a Make-Over

imageLeading indicators that a clubhouse is in need of a redesign include: dated interior furniture and finishes, damage to walls and/or furnishings, and aging equipment such as HVAC systems, plumbing and kitchen appliances. If an interior finish is older than the seven years hotel industry standard, upgrading is typically needed, as mold and other allergens can produce health issues. Clubhouses that have a pool or other water element usually require maintenance and/or remodeling more often.

Other less obvious signs that your clubhouse needs a makeover are when the number of requests for usage and/or rentals have decreased or are not at the desired level. Higher HVAC and other utility bills may also show need for repair

Total Versus Partial Renovations and Cost-Effective Strategies

SCC Interiors are experts at ensuring limited homeowner association dollars are used most effectively. We work hard to ensure that budgeted funds are allocated in the best way to ensure the best use of the space. We can also work with the homeowners association to complete a phased plan that will allow them to complete the project in stages over a longer period of time.

imageMany clubhouses aren’t necessarily in need of a complete renovation overhaul and, thus, do not require a large investment. Sometimes, only a few interior architectural tweaks and treatments can create a new clubhouse dynamic without dramatically altering the existing structure. In that instance, members retain the familiarity of their clubhouse while experiencing exciting and new developments. SCC Interiors is very budget conscious and will work with your development on cost-saving initiatives to ensure the best possible redesign at a cost and method you can afford.

imageSCC provides competitive pricing, while also ensuring quality pieces. While keeping your budget in mind, we may suggest ways to reuse or refurbish items that can be used to save costs. And we always design with longevity and durability in mind, being mindful of how well the furnishings can withstand commercial uses, particularly where they are expected to endure a great deal of abuse or overuse by children and/or adults.

Why SCC Interiors is the Right Choice for Your Remodel

SCC Interiors is comprised of design experts in multi-use facilities, who provide a vision for function and design for the multi-use facilities. We provide expert advice on space planning, such as providing and/or arranging furnishings in a manner that is both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, ensuring ADA accessibility. Additionally, we can upgrade your clubhouse with the latest audio-video equipment making your facility a more desired locale for presentations and other meetings.


Once your development has chosen SCC to transform your clubhouse to a functional and inviting community center, we will work with you every step of the way to provide interactive, online design boards, where the decision-makers can review SCC’s design ideas. SCC can also provide 3D drawings of proposed design options that allow the customer to see the completed project before its execution, as well as photos and/or samples of proposed furnishings, fabrics, accessories, art, and layouts. The client is able to interact with their designer on these design boards by leaving comments and participating in group discussions with SCC’s design experts.


We only work with knowledgable contractors and sub-contractors, who perform quality workmanship and guarantee satisfaction. We will organize all sub-contractors from inception to completion, including: painters, audio video experts, electricians, carpenters, repairmen, plumbers, tiling and carpeting professionals, and blinds and window imagetreatment experts. We provide our clients a one-point person of contact at SCC for the entire project. This alleviates the stress and time constraints that so often accompany projects of this size. Most homeowners boards are volunteer only and do not have the time to track down individual subcontractors when they have questions and concerns. This saves time and gives the clubhouse a cohesive, well-designed, well-managed project that the homeowners can be proud of.

Choosing SCC for Your Remodel Will Bring In New Tenants and Home-Owners

As more new communities make deluxe amenities standard, it’s not surprising that many owners and managers are looking to draw in tenants and owners by upgrading their multi-use facilities and clubhouses. For many, the clubhouse has a great affect on the first impression when someone comes to look at potentially buying in your neighborhood.

Choosing SCC Interiors to design and remodel your clubhouse will allow your development to make the excellent and competitive first impression you’ve always hoped to make in order to attract new tenants and buyers, and we have the success and skills to deliver on expectations.

What Our Clients Have to Say

“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Angela Malz of SCC Interiors. Our clubhouse is almost ten years old and needed to be remodeled because of outdated furnishings and wear and tear. The members of the committee each have different decorating styles so we decided to hire an Interior Design company to oversee the renovation of our 4500 sq ft Manor House. None of us have ever used an Interior Designer so after doing plenty of research and interviewing several Interior Designers, we chose SCC Interiors to handle the project.

During the interview and throughout the entire renovation process, Angela has demonstrated an impressive level of expertise and professionalism. Our project consisted of choosing new paint colors, artwork, flooring and furniture and her selections were greatly received by all members. She has a team of contractors that she works with and they were excellent. Any minor issues we saw, she made sure they were fixed immediately without hesitation. Her quick and efficient manner of supervision throughout this project has been exceptional. Also, I appreciate that she worked with pieces that we already owned and incorporated them into the new design to help us stay within budget.

I highly recommend Angela and her team at SCC Interiors to anyone for any remodeling project. They are a pleasure to work with and she was committed to making us all happy and being a part of the decision making process. I will definitely use them again in future projects.”

Candice Brennan
Christenbury – Manor House Committee

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